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A dynamic website is a kind of web page that has been prepared with all information for each individual viewing. It is different from static because it changes with time for example the user login session. Page content and page layout are created separately in dynamic sites. The content is retrieved from a database and is placed on a web page only when needed or asked by the client. It allows anyone who has limited web design experience to update their own website via a control panel. This set-up is beneficial for those who wish to make frequent changes to their websites including text and image. With dynamic website design, the contents can be put on the home page and drop down menus can be created with links to other pages for all the rest of information. It gives the website a neat and well organized look
WEB INDIA NETWORK is Dynamic Website Designing company in Delhi India, specialized in creating any kind of Dynamic web development keeping in the requirements of customers. We have a challenging and highly professional Web Design set up of experienced Web designer Team, we have designed website for Indian as well as for international companies and provided Dynamic Website Designing solutions to meet our client's expectations.
Advantages of Dynamic Website
  • Much more functional website
  • Easy to update
  • It's much easier to keep a dynamic website fresh.
  • Good internal linking and relevant cross linking
  • User-Friendly Control Panel for making all kinds of changes/additions
  • Easy to managed by the non technical clients
Features of Template Base Dynamic Website
  • Individual Domain Like : www.your-company-name.com
  • 5 POP like [email protected]
  • 25 Products Images with specific content.
  • Other Important Pages like : About Us, Terms & Conditions + Contact Us + Inquiry.
  • Separate Promotion in All Major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, Alta-Vista and Rediff etc.
  • External Promotion like : Directory Submission, Blog Submission, Article Submission